Sunday, July 3, 2011

Supporters of slain Neeraj Grover hold protest rally

Around 50 supporters of slain TV executive Neeraj Grover, on Sunday held a protest rally from Dheeraj Solitaire building, where he was stabbed to death, in suburban Malad to Tulip Star Hotel in Juhu, demanding justice.

The protest rally was led by filmmaker Ashok Pandit for the gruesome murder of Grover. A candle light vigil will be held in the evening at Sykz fitness centre at Lokhandwala at 6 pm.

Friends and colleagues on Saturday had launched the Justice for Neeraj Grover to protest against Maria Susairaj. Chetan Morada who has been protesting against Maria being let off lightly by the court said, "Launching Justice for Neeraj Grover at her press conference was the best place we want her to know that she may be thinking that she can walk free but we will not let that happen and will continue to go after her."

Ashok Pandit, who led the protest at the press club on Saturday, said, "From my experience of Priyadarshani Mattoo case, we will be approaching established lawyers and also meeting the police commissioner to know how the public can intervene in such cases as we want justice for Neeraj Grover."

Vikas Gupta, who was working with Neeraj Grover on the project for which Maria auditioned, couldn't control his emotions when he saw the actress pleading innocence at her press conference. He said, "Her lawyer was talking rubbish. I went up to them and confronted them asking Maria to speak and come out with the truth but she didn't."

When asked why did Neeraj's friends keep quiet for three years, Vikas reacted, "We were waiting for the verdict to come out and were hopeful that justice will be done. Unfortunately, it has been denied. Now we will not keep quiet and will fight to get justice for our Neeraj."

On May 7, 2008, Grover was killed at the Kannada actress flat by her enraged fiancée Emile Jerome Matthew, a naval officer, after he found the TV executive sleeping in Maria's bedroom.

After the murder, Jerome and Susairaj chopped the victim's body and stuffed it in bags. They then drove to the jungles of Manor, in Thane district, where they set Grover's remains on fire.

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